Miley Cyrus ft. Noah Cyrus Perform “I Got So High That I Saw Jesus” | Miley Cyrus Backyard Sessions

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Miley Cyrus, along with Noah Cyrus, performs “I Got So High That I Saw Jesus” unplugged on Miley Cyrus Backyard Sessions. More at
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  • I loooove Noah. Her music speaks to me so much, she’s so beautiful and talented. It runs in the family 🥰🤗

    19TAURUSGIRL9119TAURUSGIRL913 ժամ առաջ
  • Beautiful and this song made me happy when I was down. Love it.

    Michelle SimpsonsMichelle Simpsons4 ժամ առաջ
  • Beautiful ❤️

    BEEBEE4 ժամ առաջ
  • This is so hot!!! And it’s a great song!

    Kēgan PalmerKēgan Palmer4 ժամ առաջ
  • Whoever reads this, may your pockets never run dry

    kindly help me reach 3K subscribers Pleasekindly help me reach 3K subscribers Please4 ժամ առաջ
  • This makes me so happy to see them both performing together!! ^o^ Their voices are harmonizing perfectly!

    AngeliqueAngelique4 ժամ առաջ
  • 👁👄👁

    jAshjAsh4 ժամ առաջ
  • I got so high that I saw Jesus He said it's all gonna be okay You just need me in your heart Tennessee Whiskey and love I got so high that I saw Jesus Yeah, they talk about the rivers running dry How pretty soon there won't be any water left to turn to wine Like a drunkard at the wedding Blindly raising Armageddon So, I'ma get high And I got so high that I saw Jesus He said it's all gonna be okay You just need me in your heart Tennessee Whiskey and love I got so high that I saw Jesus (Jesus) Yeah, Joseph lost his job to a machine And Bary lost her mind to lines of code You can't see And if the angels are the air I'm gonna burn this whole thing down Well, I'm gonna burn one down right now I got so high that I saw Jesus (oh, yeah) He said it's all gonna be okay (all gonna be) You just need me in your heart Tennessee Whiskey and love I got so high that I saw Jesus And sometimes, it hurts too much to look Like Moses said, the burning bush I tried to turn away, but I could see And he said, "Fathers, don't forsake your sons There's so much kingdom left to come Just let it fill your lungs before you leave" And I got so high that I saw Jesus He said it's all gonna be okay You just need me in your heart Tennessee Whiskey and love I got so high that I saw Jesus I got so high that I saw Jesus I got so high that I saw Jesus

    santiago achasantiago acha4 ժամ առաջ
  • Woooowwww......sooooo cooool

    Maca HerreraMaca Herrera4 ժամ առաջ
  • I have never heard this song before but damnnnn they KILLED this 😍

    Ariel HorelAriel Horel4 ժամ առաջ
  • Wow this is phenomenal

    Kay DuffKay Duff4 ժամ առաջ
  • Why is no one taking about how clear their skin is

    Ecko EndayaEcko Endaya4 ժամ առաջ
  • Wow Miley looks just like Madonna and her sister looks like Arwen from Lord of the Rings

    Esta StumpfineEsta Stumpfine4 ժամ առաջ
    • No... she looks like Cher!!

      Esta StumpfineEsta Stumpfine4 ժամ առաջ
  • nice voices and harmonies but horrible song

    cacaktuaaacacaktuaaa4 ժամ առաջ
  • You can tell she loves her sister and is so proud

    A CA C5 ժամ առաջ

    Leslie WhyteLeslie Whyte5 ժամ առաջ

    Flavio RomanoFlavio Romano5 ժամ առաջ
  • Wow their voices are similar enough to compliment each other perfectly but different enough to individually add to the song. Perfect

    Victoria F.K.G.Victoria F.K.G.5 ժամ առաջ
  • have a new fan! Amazing!!

    Laura KLaura K5 ժամ առաջ
  • These girls look like witches 😳

    kathryn benderkathryn bender5 ժամ առաջ
  • I love miley but I can't get over how much she looks like old Greg with that makeup 🤣

    Celcelia StoverCelcelia Stover5 ժամ առաջ
  • This is PURE ART

    Natalia Belén SalzaNatalia Belén Salza5 ժամ առաջ
  • I’m a few miles from Ron Cyrus house, Miley. Maybe you can show up on the farm and take me away??

    Leon HallLeon Hall5 ժամ առաջ
  • Why miley ft noah? This is noah's song

    Girl IsabellaaGirl Isabellaa5 ժամ առաջ
  • This is one of my favorite songs ever and hearing live by Noah and Miley is amazing😍

    Arielle BArielle B5 ժամ առաջ
  • What a beautiful collaboration. The respect and admiration they have for one another is inconceivable. #TheCyrusSisters - All Vibrations

    All VibrationsAll Vibrations5 ժամ առաջ
  • i love it

    Jhoan BorgesJhoan Borges5 ժամ առաջ

    LoQueTuQuierasMajoLoQueTuQuierasMajo5 ժամ առաջ

    Christine O'HehirChristine O'Hehir5 ժամ առաջ
  • Simply beautiful❤️

    Psychologie WellingerPsychologie Wellinger5 ժամ առաջ
  • This is beautifullll 😭😭😭

    Kristen AndersonKristen Anderson5 ժամ առաջ
  • Why am I crying like this? It's so beautiful, replay replay replay

    Gina FloresGina Flores5 ժամ առաջ
  • Noah and Miley are such a magical sister duo. Love to see them uplifting each other up in their own music careers'. Best of luck to both of them!

    Lauren Dae DonaldsonLauren Dae Donaldson5 ժամ առաջ
  • Wow🤧♥️

    Thyago yanThyago yan5 ժամ առաջ
  • They both sound *exactly* alike during the chorus and that kinda scares me.

    D GraceD Grace5 ժամ առաջ
  • That mullet is really distracting.

    Earth 2 MundoEarth 2 Mundo5 ժամ առաջ
  • Ooh Noah lookin like a little Cher, I dig it 😎 Dang they sound good together.

    rmarquez2305rmarquez23055 ժամ առաջ
  • Blasphemous song

    Andrea AyersAndrea Ayers5 ժամ առաջ
  • Uaaaau maravilhosas 💘💘💘

    Nathália GirardiNathália Girardi5 ժամ առաջ
  • Noah is so talented

    Princess NilooPrincess Niloo6 ժամ առաջ
  • Beautiful!

    Anita SmallAnita Small6 ժամ առաջ
  • I believe Noah have a better voice then Miley.. Miley can sing, but Noah just have a more smooth voice. Miley More rasp and country

    MissWraaeMissWraae6 ժամ առաջ
  • They both have such gorgeous skin and amazing talent ✨I’ve loved miley since i was a chd and to see her transformation is very inspiring and i hope noah knows she is loved and talented as well and has so much to offer

    FRUITPUNCHbb.FRUITPUNCHbb.6 ժամ առաջ
  • noah i love youuu

    Giuliana Javiera HenricotGiuliana Javiera Henricot6 ժամ առաջ
  • Wooow! What a range Noah has!! So so so so impressed!!

    Jesús AhumadaJesús Ahumada6 ժամ առաջ
  • The amount of talent in this family is insaaane

    Ana Luiza PassosAna Luiza Passos6 ժամ առաջ
  • All for The Cyrus Sisters thing, but a more immediate concern...I definitely need this version on Spotify 😭

    Sarah JSarah J6 ժամ առաջ
    • So talented Noah&Miley my Favs ❤️❤️❤️❤️

      laskin riubnlaskin riubn6 ժամ առաջ
  • Noah gave me the chills! She has such a beautiful voice 💜

    Nadean ElizabethNadean Elizabeth6 ժամ առաջ
    • Beautiful.

      laskin riubnlaskin riubn6 ժամ առաջ
  • AMAZING 👏 🙀 😮 😲 I CRIED 🥲💙

    HuecloudsHueclouds6 ժամ առաջ
  • Great to see sisters on stage and killing it! I hope they collab more often because they make a great duo.

    Theresa HecitaTheresa Hecita6 ժամ առաջ
  • She sounds just like her godmother Dolly Parton

    Dana BartonDana Barton6 ժամ առաջ
  • wish they had songs together. i love them both.

    Alexis AnneshaAlexis Annesha6 ժամ առաջ
  • mansas voces ctmmmmm LAS AMOOOOO

    Javiera LauritanoJaviera Lauritano6 ժամ առաջ
  • ❤️👍

    Joseph tepeJoseph tepe6 ժամ առաջ
  • This is perfect and that's that!!!

    Paramore ParksParamore Parks6 ժամ առաջ
  • so beautiful :) made me cry

    Brittanyana PierroBrittanyana Pierro6 ժամ առաջ
  • do you think they smoke weed or something?

    Emily SpencerEmily Spencer7 ժամ առաջ
  • Wow a! Nothing short of perfect and Bliss!

    Dez MarshallDez Marshall7 ժամ առաջ
  • Two of the best artists of our times. Noah is such an angel. I'm so glad to be seeing her more and more 🥰🥰🥰

    SafeInTheSoundgardenSafeInTheSoundgarden7 ժամ առաջ
  • I wish I could double like 😭😭😭😭

    Zosuliwe GulaZosuliwe Gula7 ժամ առաջ
  • This was angelic.

    Maarcos MisfortuneMaarcos Misfortune7 ժամ առաջ
  • Beautiful.

    Laura BazzarLaura Bazzar7 ժամ առաջ
  • So talented Noah&Miley my Favs ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Gracie MaciGracie Maci7 ժամ առաջ
  • ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    Hailey StatlerHailey Statler7 ժամ առաջ
  • That high notes by Noah? Is she even real???? I lover her so much 🥺

    LadyLady7 ժամ առաջ
  • Sisters

    1TonCat1TonCat7 ժամ առաջ
  • Love that Family🤍

    Seli Music -Games-Seli Music -Games-7 ժամ առաջ
  • Their voices really complement each other in here.

    Anna WiktorAnna Wiktor7 ժամ առաջ
  • Lindo demais!!

    Gabriel VicenteGabriel Vicente7 ժամ առաջ
  • I love how different they're from eachother voice wise it comes together so nicely💗

    Jasmine GutierrezJasmine Gutierrez8 ժամ առաջ
  • Listen to Noah, she's so talented ❤️

    Paulina PiaskowskaPaulina Piaskowska8 ժամ առաջ
  • 2:11 wooow

    Ashley BelleroseAshley Bellerose8 ժամ առաջ
  • Nora should added Miley to this song because it sounds beautiful with her

    Cheryl DoveCheryl Dove8 ժամ առաջ
  • Think they are both great

    Ashley BelleroseAshley Bellerose8 ժամ առաջ
  • This is perfection. Hope u stop sleeping on Noah, she’s a blessing

    consuvloconsuvlo8 ժամ առաջ

    Gianna DiciccoGianna Dicicco8 ժամ առաջ
  • True beauty inside and out! Both ladies!

    Tiffany KelmTiffany Kelm8 ժամ առաջ
  • Noah.. sweetheart.. No other artist gives me chills like you do. ♥️

    Emily KingstonEmily Kingston8 ժամ առաջ
  • The both just sound like Miley singing in two different ways when they sing at the same time😂 but this is amazing 🥰

    Annabell MaughanAnnabell Maughan8 ժամ առաջ
  • in love with this duet

    sabrina Diankendasabrina Diankenda8 ժամ առաջ
  • 兩個人音色好像 合音超好聽☺️☺️☺️

    Xin YangXin Yang8 ժամ առաջ
  • Id love to hear a Christmas album with these two!!

    Josh PinoJosh Pino8 ժամ առաջ
  • So amazing them singing together gave me chills, hope they do this often absolutely beautiful

    Pansy PainterPansy Painter8 ժամ առաջ
  • Wow ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Jessica KaikaiJessica Kaikai8 ժամ առաջ
  • it's all gonna be ok ;) FIRST LISTEN

    Jonathan LuriéJonathan Lurié8 ժամ առաջ
  • So is she really talking about Jesus? Like she believes in Him?

    Vanessa BogleVanessa Bogle8 ժամ առաջ
  • This song made me cry so hard. So beautiful

    Jemimah GaleraJemimah Galera8 ժամ առաջ
  • Noah Cyrus is a way better singer than her sister

    Lena HilesLena Hiles8 ժամ առաջ
  • Stunningly stunning

  • 😻😻😻😻

    Jesu López DíazJesu López Díaz9 ժամ առաջ
  • Hippie Christian song ;)

    elia rafelielia rafeli9 ժամ առաջ
  • What an absolute twist of the Bible. They sing beautiful but these two need JESUS for real!!

    Blue MoonBlue Moon9 ժամ առաջ
  • It throws me off that it says Miley ft. Noah when it should be the other way around Bc it’s Noah’s song-

    Bubbles ClaytonBubbles Clayton9 ժամ առաջ
  • Finally

    Max CraigMax Craig9 ժամ առաջ

    Lola MerrillLola Merrill9 ժամ առաջ
  • Beautiful 💜💜💜💜💜💜

    Sondra SixSondra Six9 ժամ առաջ
  • ❤️❤️❤️😍❤️

    Miriam SchmidtMiriam Schmidt9 ժամ առաջ
  • I need this on my Apple Music plssss

    Zullie MayoZullie Mayo9 ժամ առաջ
  • Noah. You. Are. A. Goddess. I love listening to your words. Your range is phenomenal. Miley...I don’t know you but looking at your sister while you’re singing was touching. Keep being a positive influence mama

    Sophia MarieSophia Marie9 ժամ առաջ
  • This is the song I wanna hear on Church, pretty meaningful song 😍

    Claudine AvenaClaudine Avena9 ժամ առաջ